Representation Supporting Consciousness; a Note WRT Causation

The arguments supporting relation preserving smearing as a feature of representation, detailed in my TSC2017 presentation, tie in nicely with the notion of consciousness as driven by a process.

A process ‘unfolds’ over the Now instant or moment (be it infinitesimally continuous or atomically grainy), so that should be where consciousness fundamentally comes about – manifesting an instantaneous or momentary dimensionality that in-and-of-itself does not consist of structure and dynamics (in physical space-time, as conventionally defined).

Remarkably, in this (quasi) orthogonal-to-space-time system, distinct quales would be needed to represent every nuance and shade of experience. The sparsity / density balance that characterizes system dynamics over time would have to be replaced with a vehicle of representation by a state through the instant or moment. Therefore, perceived patterned relations (and translations and transformations etc.) should instantaneously or momentarily manifest rich combinations of qualitative dimensionality primaries, grounded in a sufficiently dense state.

Relation preserving smearing would drive all past and anticipated patterned, ‘interfering’, dynamics into an unfolding active process, thereby generating the underlying ‘physical’ fractal spatiotemporal compression activity that is required in order to consciously perceive sensations (producing a sufficiently dense NCC).

If some of what is suggested in these pages, or another scheme resembling it, is valid, then while consciousness produces space-time bridging awareness (spooky feelings through a distance…) it turns to also be perfectly correlated with causation (on some relevant order of scale), for causation is dependent on interaction effects, and interactions occur exclusively over the present instant or moment, at a given locus.
In this way, even though consciousness may not be directly steering it’s own dynamics and the agent’s behaviour, it is rather plausibly manifesting the most intimate knowledge possible – of causation steering these phenomena: It’s basic palette manifestation is correlated with stress or deformation where nothing ever changes and all changes occur.

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