Part III: Some Comments And Corollaries

Regarding Synchronicity

As consciousness manifests in Now, the implications of binding through synchrony run beyond the conventional notion of promoted meta-stability of neuronal ensemble activity.

  • Control of phase coherence<–>spread could be an NCC operational aspect of greater significance than conventionally appreciated.
  • It is tempting to conceive of a dual complementary structure involving activity in a scrambled-phase predictive sub-system and in an aligned-phase actual sub-system reciprocally sustaining each other.
  • “Nesting” of oscillatory activity and relative LFP and neural firing phase correlations may be closely related with the sought after NCC.

Regarding Connectivity And The Unity Of Conscious Experience

Connectivity between disparate representations supporting concurrent conscious experiences should traverse through (or approach) the isotropic complement, i.e. a common, shared complement.
Co-occurring conscious contents may be unified without a directed connection between them.

The utility of consciousness, should such utility ever be defined, could extend beyond the provisions of surrogates for fine resolution sensory textures to apply to the generalized assimilation of distributed information.

Regarding Modes Of “Grounding”

Grounding “at the source” by means of interface bounded proxies as “external” referents, may add to the computational capacity for functional grounding. But what advantages are conferred by an ability to model a world segregated by modality and retained associations to “external” referent ‘qualities’?

Regarding Proto-Phenomenal Manifestation In Peripheral Sensory Apparatus

The possibility that peripheral sensory apparatus (e.g. retina, olfactory epithelium) manifests proto-phenomenal qualities may have been dismissed prematurely, without due justification.
Evolved to detect a modality – why should it not be involved in the manifestation of modal qualities?
Common objections e.g. temporal delays, phantom limbs, dreaming consciousness’, exclusively afferent connectivity, etc. can be countered.

Regarding IIT, Interface Theory, Quantum level phenomena

By this view Integrated Information is also realized differentiated Information, and phenomenality arises through interactions upon constraining boundaries. Phenomenality is that which cannot be communicated as Shannon information. Never the less it may be integration of information (through the transform here proposed) that mediates expression of phenomenality.

Interface theory stresses evolutionary sensory tuning to fitness, which seems to be a common notion, but might be wrong in stressing diversion from a principle of veridity of  representation of structural patterns of interface signals.

Quantum level phenomena are most likely to play a functional role in sub-microscopic orders of scale (as with regards to proto-phenomenal expression). Theoretical justification for hypothesizing classical order of scale quantum effects pertaining to full blown consciousness, seems arguable.